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Vortice® Group Introduction

Vortice started from scratch, developing a small studio into an international enterprise which was headquartered in Milan and owns a large number of employees, agents and business partners. Vortice operates the numerous branch offices in France, UK, Russia, Germany and America. For 50 years on the international stage, the history of Vortice is just like an industrial journey with passion and excellent industrial, organization and business capabilities, and now is successfully becoming a growing enterprise on turnover, technical innovation and product performance.
Attilio Pagani, the founder of the company, in 1954, he has invented his first thermosetting plastic exhaust fan by observing the steam of the steamer and smelling the odor, Vortice (Vortex in Italian) name was denominated. This first product name also has been simultaneously considered as the company’s name, and was rapidly becoming the benchmark for product research and design in order to use in the related household and industrial product application.
In 1963, a representative product “Magic filter” was proposed in the market, this is the first range hood which used the coconut activated carbon in Europe. At that time, this kind of material was only applied to the air cleaning device of the spaceship and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. So far, in the late 1960s, Vortronic was produced, it is the first air cleaner with coconut AC filter, electrostatic precipitator and germicidal lamp. In 1970s, the company launched a large series of products, including the ceiling fans swept the market. Followed by the establishment of the branch offices in France (1974) and UK (1977), which represents the more daring consolidation and expansion on the international stage. In the 80s and 90s, the company began to produce the electric heating products (convectors and fan-heaters) and the relevant acclaimed derivatives. While the company is successful in business, Vortice has won an industrial award “the Golden Compass”, and after that Vortice products have received many international awards.
In 2013, Vortice China was formally founded in Changzhou, as wholly owned subsidiary of Asia Pacific headquarter invested by Vortice Group, to speed up the pace of globalization layout. Over the 60 years, Vortice has already occupied a dominant position in the global market thanks to their forward-looking strategies and has become the European ventilation market leader. Nowadays a total area of 30,000m2 of Vortice company, has more than 2000 employees, 400 kinds of ventilation and heating products in annual production, equipped with the largest European ventilation laboratory. Furthermore, a large number of Vortice products have been awarded the European industrial product design prizes.
Vortice Group - Logo Evolution

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Vortice Group - Historical Changes

Product design is always the focus of Vortice Company.
From the 70's, many Vortice products have been awarded different kinds of design prizes.


Reportiong Of Honor At Compass d'Oro 1955 Exhibition Museum Of Science And Technology In Milan

R Compasso d'Oro 1979-Italia

Reportiog of honor 1991 at compasso d'Oro

DESIGN:F.Trabucco&Associati Intel Design 2005

2006 award Comfort&Design October 2006-Gold Medal and ceritificate (diploma) at the International Technucal Fair

DESIGN:Marci&Co.and Renato Chiarini Gran design Etico International award 2010

Selected "Prodotto di Eccellenza" from the scientific committee MCE Next Energy Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2010

VORT HRW 20 MONO RC "Archiproducts 2016"
Vortice International Authoritative Certification

Vortice Domestic Certification

Vortice International Patent Certificate